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Frequently Asked Questions: DUI

Q: If tests show my BAC is over the limit, how can an attorney help me?

A: It is important to know that tests measuring blood alcohol content are not always accurate. If they are not properly administered or the results are contaminated, these factors can result in a false result. Floyd, Skeren & Kelly, LLP, can ensure these factors are reviewed in your case. Even where results are found to be accurate, there are steps that can be taken that may reduce the penalties you face. These may include such thing as enrolling in a DUI program and showing genuine remorse. We can advise as to the many courses of action available depending upon the circumstances.

Q: Am I allowed to take medicinal drugs and drive?

A: DUI refers to driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. The law does not specify in regards to specific drugs. The primary matter of concern is whether or not your ability to drive is impaired as a result of any drug or alcohol. If you are unsure about the effects of your medication, read the warning label or check with your physician or pharmacist.

Q: Do I have to take all tests for alcohol if I am stopped by a police officer?

A: If a police officer suspects you of driving under the influence, he or she can request you take several different kinds of tests to confirm your blood alcohol level (BAC). These may include field sobriety tests, a breathalyzer test, a urine or blood test. If you refuse, you can face penalties which include license suspension and in certain cases, jail time. A DUI conviction may still occur. A lawyer can ensure all circumstances of your case are reviewed. It is possible there are circumstances which, when proven, can protect you from being penalized.

Q: If my license is suspended or revoked, does that mean I can't drive at all?

A: Generally, yes. In some circumstances, however, the DMV may issue a restricted driver's license which allows you to drive to and from certain places during the period of suspension. A DUI attorney can assist you in obtaining this where possible.

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Facing a DUI charge is serious and at Floyd, Skeren & Kelly our clients depend on our devoted Criminal Defense Attorneys to give them the best possible outcome with their criminal case. Drunk Driving convictions leave permanent marks on driving and criminal records. You face fines, jail time, loss of driving privileges and damage to your reputation. Do not let one mistake ruin the rest of your life.

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